France has air and sea delivered nuclear weapons, or Force de Frappe (strike force).
This is:

Air delivered

Nuclear air-launched cruise missile; Air-Sol Moyenne Portée (ASMP)

  • it is armed with a singular variable yield ‘TN 81’ warhead
  • Currently this cruise missile being replaced by the longer-range ASMP-A
    • The new cruise missile has the new ‘tête nucléaire aéroporté’ (TNA) 200 kT warhead
  • It is possible to deliver these missiles with the use of Dassault Mirage 2000N,
    Rafale, and Super Étendard aircraft

The French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle has Rafale aircraft which have
ASMP-A nuclear missiles.

Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles

Four ballistic missile submarines, Triomphant-class

  • each submarine carries a maximum of 16 MIRV M45 and M51 SLBMs
  • each submarine has 6-10 TN-75, 100 kT warheads
  • The replacement warhead ‘Tête Nucléaire Océanique’ (TNO) will replace the
    TN 75, which is on the M51 missile