Global Fissile Material Stocks

Current estimated global stockpile of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) was approximately
1400 tons. The global stockpile of separated plutonium was approximately 500 tons, of this
approximately 260 tons were in civilian custody.

Country HEU / tons Non-civilian Pu / tons Civilian Pu / tons
Russia 676 128 52.8
United States 600 87.6 49.3
France 26 6 78.8
China 18 1.8 0.025
United Kingdom 19.8 3.2 126.3
Pakistan 3.1 0.19 0
India 3.2 0.59 0.59
Israel 0.3 0.86 -
North Korea 0 0.03 -
Others 15 - 2.9
TOTAL 1360 230 310

Production of military fissile materials is continuing in India (which is producing plutonium
and HEU for naval propulsion), Pakistan (which produces plutonium and HEU for weapons),
and Israel, which is estimated to produce plutonium. North Korea is also able to produce
weapons-grade plutonium and HEU.

Russia, France, India, Japan and the UK have civilian reprocessing facilities which separate
plutonium from spent nuclear reactor fuel. China has a pilot reprocessing facility.

Twelve countries: Russia, USA, France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Argentina, Brazil,
India, Pakistan and Iran have uranium enrichment facilities. North Korea is also estimated
to have a working uranium enrichment plant.